Friday, 25 June 2010

Here it is!!

What a busy couple of weeks since I last blogged. Laura's been back at school and it's like groundhog day everyday of the week, just with something different happening every night after school. What with French club, footie, swimming, another club and having friends over she has a much better social life than her mother that's for sure. Ooops I forgot Rainbows as well. Yet another bad mark against me for forgetting that as well. I know that a mother is many other roles as well as being a mum but I seem to be a social secretary now too.

I've been knitting like a crazy thing on a night time. I've started a very very lacy top for me which may get finished for next summer at this rate and I'm trying to get finished a strappy summer top for Laura too plus a duck handbag for her or her friend as a birthday pressie. I also decided to have a go at altering a dress of Laura's that is just too small for her this summer. I managed to make a half decent skirt but if she didn't go and snap off some of the daisy braiding around the top of it whilst putting it on for the first time!!! GGRrrr *shaking fist wildly*.

Anyway the photo on this blog is the felted stripy bag I made a few weeks ago. I decided to make it with a few different 100% wools in my stash and with a variety of sizes of stripes. It was huge before felting and stayed on the large side so I was thinking it may be great for a beach/day out tote. I have a feeling that this will make a great pressie for my Aunt who's birthday is on the same day as Laura's in July.

Double GGGRrrr and more fist shaking going on because for some reason this laptop of mine has decided it won't allow me to upload the photo at all. I will try later I promise.

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