Monday, 3 May 2010

Who knew there would be so much dust??

Blimey, we have been diy-ing for a few days now and who knew we could generate so much dust. Our front room is totally empty, one partition wall has been removed and floorboards lifted to get to the electrics. Had to move more stuff to storage as well - van is totally full of stuff. Where the hell does it all come from and why do we need so much of it? Where am I going to put it all once we are up and fully functioning? I think that I am going to have to be very ruthless and get rid of lots of it if I can.

On a brighter note I have chosen the curtains already so that I can match the paint. My big jobs next week besides all my usual tasks is to strip off the remaining polystyrene ceiling tiles and strip the wallpaper. Maybe get round to doing some painting too once I can decide on the colours. We have several on our shortlist so must study the wall covered in tester pots now to make a definitive choice.

Laura's gilet knitted hoodie is coming on rapidly. Two front panels are complete and the back is knitted up to the armholes - I have done the shaping and now need to add the length then it will be making the neck shaping. Only the hood, the fur collar and sewing up to do, oh yeah and buttons to buy. Must remember those next week.

Right, I'm off to Minchella's for ice cream - my reward for not moaning about having to move all 4 units and their contents in the hall for the second time in about 4 weeks. A coke float has my name on already I think!!

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