Monday, 31 May 2010

Natural Earth September 2009

This theme was undertaken by the swappers in September 2009 and was universally deemed to be a challenge. The first card is by Sallyann Reed who sadly no longer takes part in the swaps and the second is by Veronica Hutchings. Two very different interpretations of the theme.

Remembrance Sunday Swap

Some of the swappers asked to do this theme as one of our swaps and I put it in for October 2009. The first card is by Frankie Papierowski and I love the way she has used the real poppies from the Royal British Legion. The second card is by Jan and I like the way the main image is replicated in the backing paper. Two very different ideas for the same theme.

Victorian Christmas theme

This swap took place in November and December 2009. This card is by Frankie Papierowski.

St David's Day

This swap took place in February 2010 and here are the photos for the St David's Day theme that I received. The first card is made with Parchment techniques by Mary Wells and the second card is by Frankie Papierowski.

George and the Dragon

This was the theme for the swap which took place during the months of April and May. It was a joint swap this time because of the diy-ing taking place here at home. This lovely card was by Victoria Pritchard-Davies.

Where does the time go?

Too fast and too quickly that's for sure. I can't believe that it is almost a month since I last blogged but I've not had a lot of time to spare in between doing my shop, sorting Laura out, my normal day to day stuff (all my different female hats that I wear) and diy-ing as well.

Our diy is cracking on. The front room is almost done now. The walls are going to be sanded tomorrow ready for painting. Then we have to paint the skirtings and archetraves, fix them up, finish the radiator and hang it again and then do the floor. Oh yeah and move in!! LOL. Should be done by the time Aaron goes back to work on 9th June.

I've also been busy on a night time doing some knitting too. I've several lots of WIP (work in progress): a summer strappy top for Laura and a cute duck handbag again for Laura and could be rehashed for friends birthday gifts if it works out. I've got a project in mind for a cardi for me for the summer but haven't got started yet and I have just finished a bag - a huge tote bag perfect for the beach which will be photoed when dry. It was felted earlier today and is still damp.

I'm going to add some photos on here from the monthly card swap that I organise. Each participant makes a card to the given theme and posts by a particular date to their swap partner. We have been running for a couple of years now and the swappers make some really lovely cards. I shall put the photos on here gradually. If you want to join my card swap please email me and I will let you know when you can start.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Who knew there would be so much dust??

Blimey, we have been diy-ing for a few days now and who knew we could generate so much dust. Our front room is totally empty, one partition wall has been removed and floorboards lifted to get to the electrics. Had to move more stuff to storage as well - van is totally full of stuff. Where the hell does it all come from and why do we need so much of it? Where am I going to put it all once we are up and fully functioning? I think that I am going to have to be very ruthless and get rid of lots of it if I can.

On a brighter note I have chosen the curtains already so that I can match the paint. My big jobs next week besides all my usual tasks is to strip off the remaining polystyrene ceiling tiles and strip the wallpaper. Maybe get round to doing some painting too once I can decide on the colours. We have several on our shortlist so must study the wall covered in tester pots now to make a definitive choice.

Laura's gilet knitted hoodie is coming on rapidly. Two front panels are complete and the back is knitted up to the armholes - I have done the shaping and now need to add the length then it will be making the neck shaping. Only the hood, the fur collar and sewing up to do, oh yeah and buttons to buy. Must remember those next week.

Right, I'm off to Minchella's for ice cream - my reward for not moaning about having to move all 4 units and their contents in the hall for the second time in about 4 weeks. A coke float has my name on already I think!!